Peace has to be Everywhere or it will be Nowhere

Malee Octavia

Malee Octavia

Development Director of ZWEE / Founder and President of Support Education World Wide

This is 22- August-2017, Malee Kenworthy my American friend and Development director of Zephaniah Women education and empowerment Foundation has sent me a link, in which US President Mr Donald Trump says that they cannot be silent anymore about safe heavens of terrorists in Pakistan, He might send troops to Pakistan soon.

I teach at Zeph center ten hours a day and it does not make me tired or angry infect I love to be among my students, their interest in learning, their laughters, their involvement in studies and skills, their changed and positive thoughts give me new energy every day to do more for them.

Today in our English language learning class we were discussing on play grounds , one of the new girls said ‘’ is this sentence correct if I say that Sachin Tandulkar( Indian Cricket Start) is crying on his team’s defeat from Pakistani Cricket Team and I am happy to see him crying ?

But another girl spoke up loud and said listen to me Anam we are Zeph Girls we are peace makers we should not even talk which has even a slight hate for other nations, we should always talk about love for each other no matter where someone is, we are born to give hope so let us talk about hope, let us make all sentences which have love and respect for everybody on this earth.

I did appreciate her a lot and I felt proud to be their teacher, it took me so many years, my childhood and youth was spent to achieve this task but I have done it finally.

I had to face a lot of problems, every day I would have to face threats, People would make stories about me, they would do propaganda against me, they tried to kill me twice, they would slap on my face and would harass me whenever I would go out of home, they would through pieces of bricks on my students but I never stopped, as much they created problems for me that much I used my power to push them away and to make my own way to achieve my goal of teaching and empowering  girls in Pakistan.

Because whenever they tried to stop me I realized that there is more need of light, the light of hope, education, and women empowerment, so I would put more energy to transform their darkness into light and I did it.

Many years before when I took this initiative I was alone and there were many who would feel proud in killing me.

Now although I have bigger threats because now I am more famous but I am not alone, now all those voices are there to speak for me, to whom I gave a voice through pens, their hearts beat with me to whom I gave light for a brighter future though books, their eyes cry for me to whom I gave my time.

Those are my students who are now successful, educated and empowered women and all that happened because I did not shout on them who shouted on me, I did not try to kill them who tried to kill me and my family.

I do not deny about bad people in Pakistan but if all Pakistanis were bad then why I am alive till today? we Pakistanis are not terrorists only a group of People are doing this horrible thing but what about my girls who love the whole world, who just want to get education, who call themselves Doctors of the society( Peace Makers) what about those who want peace and who have never hurt anyone, what about those who love Americans for their good deeds? Will  Mr President create so many problems for all those people too who are not terrorists?

If I a woman who belongs to a Minority of Pakistan, who also faced so many problems but still changed thoughts of hundreds and thousands, why not you Mr President why not you ? How can you bring peace though guns and bombs? How? Hate will only multiply the hate and love will only multiply the love I have proved it through twenty years of my life as a Christian education activist in Pakistan.

Bombs and guns cannot differentiate between good and bad people but we human beings can do this.

Peace is not a property of any one, no one can make the peace their prisoner by using force, Peace is universal it has to be everywhere or it will be nowhere.

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