Girls also get Hungry

Malee Octavia

Malee Octavia

Development Director of ZWEE / Founder and President of Support Education World Wide

At Zeph Center center we are not only giving free education but we teach many types of skills to women so that they can earn by doing work and can support their families.

At age of thirteen when I took this initiative there was no financial support from anywhere, my mother was a laborer and my father was on bed after an accident so to run my free school I had to start doing a job for 8 hours a day and six days a week at age of 15, which I kept doing until May-2017.

Since I have left my job I spend ten hours a day at Zeph center, I not only see all the management things but I spend time with girls and teach them.

I love our little girls, when they play in the center and run from here to there I feel like they are butterflies, their laughter gives a new life to the center I can see from their faces that they do not have any fear of anything in my presence because they know their spiritual mother is there who wants to see them happy and educated.

So although sometimes we have to do some meeting on serious matters but we never bother them while they are playing, they have really cute and have strange duties for me, when I came back from South Korea in July 2017 after completing my Leadership Training from EWHA Women University, they called me near to them and commanded ‘’ Sister Zeph we do not like our teachers, they are not good they want us to study but we like to pay all the time, plz fire them from their jobs rights now’’. When they get angry with each other they come to me and say’’ Sister Zeph that friend of mine is not talking to me’’ so I have to convince angry friend to be friend again which does not take more than a few second because they forget about their fights immediately and start playing together again, I sing with them, I dance with them and I play with them.

While talking, walking, eating even while sleeping in my dreams I make plans and think of their future.

I love to take photos with them and especially when they are doing something, I want to capture every moment of their lives which they spend at Zeph Center.

Most of them are unwanted children because their parents wanted to try to have a son but those girls took birth in their house.

Today I saw one four years old girl, she was sitting silent, she was holding a book, I wanted to take her photo, when I asked her that I want to make a photo of her, she was trying to make a pose which could hide her tear off pant, her pant was tear off from many places, also shirt, she was wearing a stuff which is unbearable to wear in such a hot day of summer, I looked at her face , she was looking week and sick I asked why are you looking sad my child, are you hungry, did you eat something and she said No.

I went to my house brought food for her and she ate it all so quickly now she not hungry any more.

But I went on our roof, sat in a corner and I cried because I can feel what it means to be hungry, I went to same situation when my father got injured and my mother had no skill nor education to have a source of income to feed us, I can feel the pain of being hungry, she was in the center since four hours and I could not realize she was hungry, I could feel how she would have been feeling without food, she was holding a book but how could she study without eating food and without wearing comfortable cloths.

They are seven sisters and two brothers, father is a laborer and has three children from his second wife too, and this little girl was produced in desire to have a son so now she does not have even enough food and cloths because she is a girl.

But I have one question since then in my mind that what is more important food or education? Can she focus of studies while she is starving? For how long will girls be treated like this because they were not born as boys?

When parents will understand, Girls also need food, Girls also get hungry ?

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