Our Mission

To raise the status of women through education and empowerment so they can have equal opportunities, rights and authority in their lives

This initiative was taken by a 13 years old girl who had to face gender discrimination from her own family by her uncles and Aunts who tried to kill her for being a girl at age of three and then she had to face discrimination and physical violence in her school therefor she decided to leave the school and to make her own school in 1997.

So she founded this school in the courtyard of her house and not only taught herself and got two Master degrees as a private student but she taught hundreds of other girls in the same courtyard for fourteen years.

She started doing a full time job at age of 15 to support her cause as education in her school is absolutely free since day one so she kept supporting her school all alone for fourteen years along with teaching at the school, teaching herself and her job

In 2014 she joined social media and won a global prize for her teaching and writing and with prize money she built a small building for her school.

Now at Zeph center there are 206 students who are getting twelve years free education, learning skills like stitching, party make up, bridle make up, hair dressing, boxing, basketball, self-defense techniques, science , Drawing, acting, play writing, IT education, English language, health Education, Finance management, Blogging, Career Counseling, National Testing service and Peace building.

Along with 12 teachers in the school 10 teachers are teaching girls online many subjects from Europe USA and India as volunteers

Zeph Team

Sister Zeph, Founder and Chair person

Malee Octavia, Co Chair

Nazish Yaqoob, financial secretary

Tayyaba Siddique, Principal

Other Team Members

Aneeza Mick Polus HR manager

Saira Abid Field officer

Rakhil Arif Board member

Aqsa Khokhar Board member

Irfan Bhatti board member

Nazish Salman Board member

Inza Rashid Finance manager

Rawish Yaqoob Logistic officer

Nawab bb board member

Nawab bb Board member

Rahat Khan Board member