Our mission, values, and objectives


The Zephaniah women’s education and empowerment foundation envisions a society where there is equality and peace for all. 


To provide education to underprivileged children, to empower women financially, to protect women and children’s rights, to bring communities closer to peace and justice.


Organizational Values:                                       

  • Respect for inherent human dignity and rights under the constitution of Pakistan and other laws, including Pakistan’s commitments to the international human rights law.

  • Collaboration and partnership

  • Encourage folk wisdom

  • Gender Sensitivity

  • Empowerment without discrimination

  • Accountability and transparency

  • Innovation and creativity


Strategic Objectives:

  • To raise the status of women through education and empowerment

  • To help deserving students to get an education

  • To continue education about climate change

  • To prevent gender discrimination

  • To promote Interfaith harmony

  • Strengthen resilience and social cohesion through positive transformation to build a tolerant society.

  • Empower women in socio-economic and political spheres through engaging relevant stakeholders.

  • Develop volunteerism and active citizenship by meaningful engagement of youth through public private partnership.

  • Mitigate risks of disaster by building resilient communities through engaging public and private institution

The organizational agenda:

  • Human Rights and Civic Education

  • Formal and technical education for youth and children

  • interfaith harmony

  • Women’s Empowerment 

  • Peace Building and Leadership 

  • Youth Development and Community Services 

  • climate change prevention activities