The Seeds of ZFG

-Z Foundation Global -

ZFG begins between a serendipitous relationship between the Founder and President, Malee Kenworthy, in the west and Sister Zeph, a grassroots educational leader from rural Pakistan. Malee has always been interested in women’s rights in countries and communities where women and girls have historically been denied access to education. Sister Zeph has been fighting for education, women’s rights and children’s rights since she was just 13 years old. All of the work that they have done together since March of 2015 resulted in ZFG. Z stands for Zephaniah Women’s Education and Empowerment Foundation as well as Sister Zeph. ZFG was created and named in honor of Sister Zeph, her school and her mission. 

Meet Malee, the President and Founder of SEW

“Before I ended up visiting Sister Zeph and the school in Pakistan I helped them raise money, via crowd funding, in order to help them finish their building. Sister Zeph had won a prize for her writing and was able to buy a small plot of land and build up walls of what is now the skills center but still there was no roof or proper bathroom.

So, before it was decided that I would visit, with collaborative efforts, we were able to not only put a roof on her school but help them build a proper bathroom, second story, beauty parlor and storage room. Even then I had no idea that I would visit Pakistan not only once but twice in 2.5 years! Of course people at the time thought I was crazy …”