We want to thank Inspired Women Paying it Forward for their generosity who have been supporting our mission for many years now. 

Their  mission statement says it all:

 We create space for Women who have More in their Lives to take action on Behalf of Women who have less.  Check them out at www.Inspiredwomen.com to see if these quarterly/philanthropic chapter meetings would work in your area!  Debra Dion Krischke is a tireless advocate for women and the founder of this great collective giving circle with impact! 

As of January 2023, over $450,000 has been collectively donated by five chapters in the Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Area for local and global non-profits benefitting women and girls. 
The next evolution for this powerhouse giving circle is “Inspired Humanity – Paying it Forward Globally” launching Spring of 2023 and open to both
Men and Women.  www.InspiredHumanity.net – coming soon. 

Theresa Gattung Trust

“Growing up my three sisters and I were taught that women can be anything they want to be when provided with equal opportunities. That belief has never left me and for more than 20 years I have supported groups dedicated to empowering women, including Women’s Refuge, and the New Horizons for Women Trust.  I am Patron of the Cambodia Charitable Trust founded by Denise Arnold and personally support many girls to provide further education opportunities for them in Cambodia.”

-Theresa Gattung